Prof. Myung-Seop Lim

분할코어를 적용한 EPS용 SPMSM의 극, 슬롯 수에 따른 조립공차에 의한 코깅토크 분석
2020-08-09 18:35:38 조회수399
Date of Conference: 2020.07
Conference: 한국자동차공학회 춘계학술대회 및 전시회
Authors: 차창준, 박진철, 김동민, 박민로, 임명섭

As interest in the environment increase, the automobile parts market is increasingly trying to change from the mechanical system to the electrical system. In order to replace the mechanical system with the electrical system, many studies have been conducted to improve the performance of the electrical system because the electrical system must perform better than the mechanical system. However, there are few studies on tolerances that occur during actual production compared to studies on improving electrical performance. Due to the tolerances that occur during production, products with lower performance than actually expected can be produced. This paper intends to confirm the change in motor cogging torque due to the stator inner diameter tolerance applied to the segmented core, which is frequently applied to motors. 

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