Prof. Myung-Seop Lim

Kriging 기법을 활용한 공랭식 외전형 인휠 구동 모터의 최적 설계 연구
2023-08-29 19:18:38 조회수133
Date of Conference: 2023.05
Conference: 2023 한국자동차공학회 춘계학술대회
Authors: 김재현, 성무현, 박관태, 정승현, 임명섭


Outer rotor surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor(SPMSM) is one of the topologies of radial flux permanent magnet(RFPM) motor that can produce relatively large torque because of its large outer diameter. In-wheel motors driven by direct drive system increasing driving efficiency by minimizing powertrain. In-wheel motors are being studied a lot as outer rotor SPMSM. In the case of outer rotor PMSM, there are some disadvantages to apply the forced cooling system such as water cooling or oil cooling due to the stator located inside. In addition, various problems occur such as vibration and acceleration performance because In-wheel motor increases unsprung mass. Therefore, air-cooled, to reduce unsprung mass keeping advantages of direct drive system, outer rotor SPMSM In-wheel motor optimal design is performed. This study presents an optimal design method that maximizes the efficiency of the air-cooled In-wheel motor using the Kriging method, which creates an surrogate model based on the analysis results of experiments.


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