Prof. Myung-Seop Lim

인휠 외전형 구동 모터의 극 슬롯조합에 따른 전자기 손실 및 특성 분석
2021-07-15 12:00:37 조회수445
Date of Conference: 2021.06
Conference: 2021 한국자동차공학회 춘계학술대회
Authors: 김필중, 박수환, 고욱, 임소연, 안수민, 임명섭

 In-wheel motors are being studied as a next generation type motor for vehicle applications. And outer rotor permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM) is one of the most appropriate motor type for In-wheel motors because of its large torque property. Different from traditional traction motors, outer rotor PMSM directly drives wheels so mechanical loss is much smaller. As a result, electromagnetic loss including iron loss, copper loss and PM eddy current loss are major loss for In-wheel outer rotor PMSM. So to design high efficiency in wheel motor, analysis for electromagnetic loss is essential. So this paper discusses about the electromagnetic loss at main driving point of three outer rotor PMSM models with different pole slot combinations. 32pole 48slot, 40pole 48slot and 44pole 48slot combinations are chosen and additionally torque ripple characteristic that is important for ride quality is also analyzed. In conclusion, major electromagnetic loss and the best pole slot combination is chosen. 

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